Graphtec GL200A 记录仪


Graphtec GL200A


Voltage , Temperature , Humidity , Pulse , Logic
  • 10 isolated channels, multifunction input
  • support sampling up to a maximum speed of 10 ms
  • Accepts USB memory sticks; hot-swappable
  • internal flash memory ensures worry-free measurements
  • Easy-to-read 3.5-inch TFT color LCD
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Marking the evolution of the GL200A to the one-datalogger-per-person stage

10 isolated channels, multifunction input

Despite its small footprint, the GL200A offers an isolated input system that ensures no channel is affected by different signals input to other channels, eliminating wiring concerns. This multifunction device accepts voltage, temperature, humidity, pulse, and logic signal inputs and enables combined measurements, even of disparate phenomena like temperature/humidity and voltage.

Voltage : +/-20 mV to +/-500 V
Temperature : Thermocouples: K, J, E, T, R, S, B, N, W
Humidity : 0 to 100% (the B-530 option is required)
Pulse : 4 channels Count, Inst., Rpm
Logic : 4 channels ‡ Select either Pulse or Logic

Supports sampling speeds up to 10 ms

Provides faster sampling for voltage measurements. Reducing the number of channels allows faster data captures (up to 10 ms )..

Sampling speed 10ms 20ms 50ms 100ms 1s
Number of usable channels 1 2 5 10 10
Measurement phenomenon Voltage O O O O O
Temperature       O O


Easy operation and device setup

With ease of use similar to mobile phones, this user-friendly device permits one-thumb operation. Careful thought has gone into the configuration of the input and output terminals to optimize the GL200A for hand-held use. To further simply device setup, users can make range settings in the Amp setting screen while viewing waveforms.


Two different users - User 1 and User 2 - can enter setting parameters are saved to memory.

Vivid 3.5-inch TFT color LCD

The bright, easy-to-read 3.5-inch TFT color LCD monitor makes it even easier to check measurement parameter settings or to review measurement data as waveforms or digital values.

Waveform display screen(Analog + Digital)

This screen displays measured values as analog waveforms and digital values. The digital values for the selected channel are displayed in enlarged format for easy review. A waveforms-only screen is also provided.

2-screen display

This display format enables comparisons of waveforms for the current data against those for past data. (Y-T display only)


Digital screen

This screen displays measured values as digital values. Statistical calculation results can be displayed simultaneously.

Search screen

When measurements are complete, this screen lets the user search for points at which an alarm was generated or for user-specified values. This makes it especially easy to locate abnormal or other specific values.

Accepts USB memory sticks and permits easy PC connections

Data can be captured directly to a USB memory stick inserted into the GL200A's USB memory stick port. The data captured to the USB memory stick can be viewed in Excel on any PC connected to the GL200A. The simple USB cable connection between the PC and the GL200A enables PC control and setup of the GL200A, as well as real-time data transfers.

Long-term data capture and worry-free measurement

The built-in flash memory means data is retained even when the power supply is interrupted. For long-term measurement applications, simply replace the USB memory stick, even in mid-measurement. While the USB memory stick is being replaced, data for up to 5 minutes is captured to the GL200's backup memory. A file close operation is performed once a minute to ensure that measurement data is retained, even if the power supply is suddenly turned off

Example of 10-channel analog measurement

Capture interval (sampling speed) 10ms*1 50ms*2 100ms 200ms 500ms 1s 10s
3.5 MB internal flash memory Approx. 20 mins Approx. 2 hrs Approx. 4 hrs Approx. 8 hrs Approx. 20 hrs Approx. 1.8 days Approx. 18 days
256 MB USB memory Approx. 1 day Approx. 6 days Approx. 13 days Approx. 26 days Approx. 65 days Approx. 130 days Approx. 1300 days
*1 Settable no. of channels is 1. *2 Settable no. of channels is 5.

Dedicated software for multi-channel measurement provided standard

Simple operations anyone can perform

Easy-to-use software that uses icon keys for intuitive operations

Convenient functions

Convenient, built-in measurement functions.

  • Channel group function
    This function enables measurement channels to be divided into up to four groups.
  • Logic alarm status display
    This function display the logic alarm status in a separate window.
  • Search function
    This function enables searching in the captured data for specific values or points at which an alarm was generated.
  • CSV batch conversion function
    This function enables batch-conversion of multiple measurement files to CSV file format.


Simple setup screens

The number of setup screens has been reduced to five. Settings are easily made while viewing input waveforms.

Wide selection of measurement screens

Six measurement screens are provided: Y-T, Y-T (Expanded), X-Y, Digital, Meter and Report. A built-in function enables measured values to be written directly to an Excel file. (Up to 100 ms sampling)

Amp setting screen

Digital display


Choice of Replay display screens

Select one of three Replay display screens: Y-T, X-Y and Digital.

Y-T display

Replay Digital display


Up to 100 channels when a PC is used

6 Using the PC, 1 unit of PC can measure max. 100 ch, or up to 10 units can be connected. *The data display and data file varies according to each unit.