Graphtec GL900-8 GL900-4 记录仪 记录器 多频道温度测量记录仪

Graphtec GL900 系列

GL900-8 , GL900-4

高速、长时间收录的记录器, 对应制品的信赖性测试
  • 高速取样调查和长时间数据收录
  • 高速、长时间收录
电压 : +/-20 mV to +/-500 V
温度 : Thermocouples: K, J, E, T, R, S, B, N, W
湿度 : 0 to 100% (the B-530 option is required)
脉冲 : 4 channels Count, Inst., Rpm
逻辑 : 4 channels ‡ Select either Pulse or Logic
模拟 10个频道/模组测量
Capture destination 10μs 100μs 500μs 1ms 10ms 100ms 1s
Internal RAM
(up to one million points)
10 seconds Approx. 1 min. and 40 sec. Approx. 8 min. and 20 sec. Approx. 16 min. and 40 sec. Approx. 2 hrs. and 40 sec. Approx. 1 day and 3 hrs. Approx. 11 days and 13 hrs.
Internal flash memory (256 MB)
Approx. 1 hour. Approx. 11 hrs. Approx. 4 days Approx. 46 days
External USB memory stick (512 MB)
Approx. 22 hrs. Approx. 22 hrs. Approx. 9 days Approx. 93 days

The USB memory stick must be a standard model (without fingerprint recognition or other proprietary features).

Can be used as an X-Y recorder

The GL900 reproduces analog X-Y recorder movements and provides the illusion of pen up/pen down movements. It can be operated like an analog X-Y recorder and can also be used as a 4-pen X-Y recorder. The digital data format facilitates post-measurement confirmation of data values and report creation.

High-precision temperature measurement even during high-speed sampling

Lets users perform high-precision temperature measurements even during high-speed sampling – ideal for performing combined voltage and temperature measurements.

Comprehensive built-in trigger and timer functions

Using a combination of trigger and timer functions eliminates superfluous data and enables capture of only the required data.


To perform measurement over a four-day period starting January 10

Timer setting Date and time Start setting January 10 00 hours 00 minutes
Stop setting January 14 23 hours 59 minutes
Trigger setting Start trigger Off
Stop trigger Off


To perform measurements of abnormal signals during device operations

Timer setting Daily cycle Start setting 09 hours 00 minutes
Stop setting 17 hours 00 minutes
Trigger setting Start trigger Level CH 1 (3 V Rising)
Stop trigger Level CH 1 (2 V Falling)
Repeat On


To perform measurements every 20 minutes

Timer setting Hourly cycle Start setting 00 minutes 00 seconds
Stop setting 20 minutes 00 seconds
Trigger setting Start trigger Off
Stop trigger Off


To perform measurements for a period of one hour, every four hours, daily

With the timer set to daily cycle status, data is captured repeatedly for one hour every four hours.

Trigger setting Start trigger Off
Stop trigger Scheduled time (one hour)
Repeat On (Repeat interval: 4 hours)


Timer settings Timer mode Off, Date and time, Daily cycle, Hourly cycle
Trigger settings Start source setting Off, Level value, External input
Stop source setting Off, Level value, External input, Scheduled time
Pre-trigger 0-100%
Repeat capture On, Off and Repeat interval


范围 500 V 能够 100 to 240 VAC 电压作波形量度

特大 5.7寸彩色LCD显示方便阅读波形图

Free Running display for waveform-checking without the need for data capture
The Free Running display lets users check input signal waveforms even before measurements begin. Since waveforms are displayed on each setup screen, users can make settings while viewing the waveforms.

Easy PC measurement via USB; remote monitoring via Ethernet web server and FTP functions

The USB and Ethernet connections enable transfer of captured data to your PC and setup and control of the GL900 from a PC, even without the PC software provided standard with the GL900.

Web server/FTP server functions

Waveform display and GL900 setup operations can be performed via a web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer). In addition, data files captured to the GL900’s internal memory or to a USB memory stick can be transferred or deleted from the PC.

USB drive mode

When your GL900 is connected to your PC via the USB interface, the GL900 can be operated in USB mode to enable fast, easy data transfers from internal memory to the PC.

NTP client function

Simply connect the GL900 to an NTP server via an Ethernet connection to synchronize GL900 time with NTP server time at periodic intervals





  • 直接连接Excel功能
  • 搜寻功能
  • CSV batch conversion function
    This function enables batch conversion of multiple captured files to CSV file format.
  • Thumbnail function
    This function enables display of captured data files as thumbnails.
详细规格 :  
Number of input channels 8ch
Type of input terminal BNC and M3 Screw type terminal
Method All channels isolated, Simultaneous sampling
Measurement range Voltage 20mV to 500V / F.S. (Between + and – terminals, 500 V p-p max.)
Measurement range Temperature Thermocouple: K, J, E, T, R, S, B, N, W(WRe5-26)
Measurement range Humidity 0 to 100% ( When using optional B-530 humidity sensor is used )
External Input Trigger: 1ch, Selectable between pulse and Logic: 4ch
External output Alarm: 4ch
A / D converter 16bit(out of which 14 are internally acknowledged)
Maximum sampling interval 10 micro-second
Internal memory size RAM:1 million data, 256MB Flash memory
External memory USB memory (1 file 2 GB)
Calculation function Statistics calculation, Searching function
Display 5.7 inch TFT color LCD
Interface to PC Ethernet ( 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX ) , USB (Compatible with full speed)
Operating environment Temperature : 0 to 40 ℃ (15 to 40 ℃ when operating by battery ) , Humidity : 5~85 % R.H.
Power supply Battery pack : 2 batteries installable
AC adapter ( 100 to 240V AC ,50 to 60Hz ) , DC input ( 8.5 to 24V DC)
External dimensions (approx.) 232W x 150H x 80D mm
Weight (approx.) 1.1kg ( Excluding the AC adapter and battery )
Vibration resistance Compatible with JIS Vibration testing methods for automobile Type 1 Class A-equivalent