Function Generator FG-330


The FG-330 Frequency Generator features quality versatility, compactness and dependability with its 0.01Hz - 1MHz, its 5-waveform output and its VCF facility

5O ohm and 600 ohm outputs are simultaneously obtainable
Valuable duty ratio up to 85:15 permits pulse generator usage
VCF (Voltage Control Frequency) generation is equipped
Simplified panel design

Function Generator FG-350

Fg350.jpg (12631 ???)

The FG-350 Frequency Generator provides wide bandwidth (0.1Hz to 10MHz), 6 waveform outputs, VCF/VCA facilities and high and high output (20V p-p).




6 waveform outputs are obtainable -sine, triangle, square (50:50), square (variable), DC, and AM
Frequency range is continuously variable between 0.1Hz to 10MHz
VCF (Voltage Controlled Frequency) and VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplitude) are provided
Variable duty ratio up to 85:15 permits use as a pulse generator
Simplified panel design


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