SY-8217 B-H Analyzer

B-H curve measurement over 10 Hz to 5 MHz.

The standard core loss measurement tool to replace U-function meters.


The SY-8217 measures the magnetization characteristics of soft

magnetic materials with high accuracy and in a short time over a wide

frequency range from 10 Hz to 5 MHz. It is a powerful tool for research,

development, manufacturing and inspection of low-loss magnetic

materials for use in compact motor yokes, flyback transformers for TV, highfrequency

power transformer, etc.

Incorporating an oscillator for measurements and digitizer in a

compact, desktop type cabinet, the SY-8217 is the ideal repalcement for an

existing U-function meter as the standard tool for core loss measurement.


*  Wide measurement frequency bandwidth

The frequency range for measurement ranges from 10 Hz to 5 MHz.


*  High-precision measurement

An FFT arithmetic circuit permits automatic compensation and calibration of frequency characteristics of the measurement system.


*  High-speed measurement

High-speed measurement can be performed in approx. 3 seconds, considerably improving measurement efficiency.


*  Compliance with JIS C2514, JIS H7153 and EMAS 5003.

Ideal for estimation of everything from yoke materials for compact motors to the materials for high-frequency transformers.

JIS C2514: E-shaped ferrite core. JIS H7153: High-frequency core loss test method for amorphous metallic cores.

EMAS 5003: Test method for ferrite cores of power applications.


*  Color TFT display

The bright color TFT display shows the characteristic values, B-H curves and excitation waveforms simultaneously.


*  Printer and 3.5-inch FDD provided as standard

The measurement results can be printed out immediately. Convenient for data sorting. The results can also be output to a 3.5-inch floppy

disk in the csv format, then loaded in a PC and sorted using tabulation software.


*  GP-IB interface provided as standard

An automated measurement system can be constructed with a PC.


*  Compact, desktop size

(Rack mountable)


*  Easy operation

Simple and easy to use design.



Major Applications

* Development and inspection of high-frequency power cores, micromotor    yokes, etc.

* Core loss measurement by replacing a U-function meter.

* Manufacturing and inspection of amorphous thin films and amorphous cores.



Example of Combination




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