SY-8232 B-H Analyzer



The SY-8232 high-frequency B-H analyzer is the flagship of IWATSU’s line of B-H analyzers. It has a

high-frequency B-H curve tracing capability over an ultrawide-range measurement frequency from 10

Hz (optionally 1 Hz) to 10 MHz.

The SY-8232’s compact design makes it ideal for desktop use. It incorporates features required for

measuring high-frequency magnetic characteristics, including an oscillation circuit, power amplifier

circuit, high-speed digitizer, operation control circuitand a printer.

The built-in 25 VA power amplifier allows direct measurement of small specimens such as magnetic

heads, while use of an external power amplifier enables measurement of large amplitude

characteristics and saturation characteristics of power ferrite or ultrathin amorphous materials. The

lower limit frequency is as low as 10 Hz (optionally 1 Hz), permitting the measurement of near DC

magnetic characteristics of soft magnetic materials.

As the analyzer allows both near DC and AC, the measurements of coercive force (Hc) related to

magnetic wall production, migration and extinction can be more effective and research and testing in

materials development can be performed more quickly.



* Ultrawide measurement frequency bandwidth

The frequency range for measurement is exceptionally wide, from 10 Hz (optionally 1 Hz) to 10 MHz.


* Desktop size, all-in-one construction

A compact design incorporating an oscillation circuit, power amplifier circuit, high-speed digitizer, operation control circuit and printer.

Magnetic head material can be directly measured by the built-in power amplifier (25 VA) for excitation. (An optional external power

amplifier can also be used.)


* Continuous measurement function and an extensive selection of other

   measuring functions

Continuous measurement with up to 12 steps, and various measurements including a B-H curve, core loss curve, μ-

characteristics and L-characteristics, are available.


* High-speed, high-precision measurement

High-speed measurement in approx. 3 seconds can be performed. In addition, an FFT arithmetic circuit permits automatic compensation

and calibration of frequency characteristics, enabling high-precision measurements.


* Printer provided as standard (built-in)

Measurement results can be printed out immediately. Convenient for data sorting.


* GP-IB interface provided as standard

An automated measurement system in combination with a PC can be configured.


* Easy-to-view 9-inch color CRT display


* Easy operation with pop-up menu system

Pop-up menus are displayed on the CRT to facilitate operation. Results are displayed as graphs or lists.


* Enhanced measurement efficiency with a wide range of options

Options include an external power amplifier and sample connection pod for various use.


Major Applications

R&D of magnetic heads, power ferrite, ultrathin amorphous materials, etc.


Example of Combination

* Core loss measurement of transformers for high-frequency power supplies

By combining the SY-8232 B-H analyzer with the GB-12145 power amplifier (optional), core loss up to 3 MHz can be measured.

* GB-12145 will be alternated with IE-1125 on and after the 2nd half of 2000.





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