SY-8258 B-H Analyzer



The SY-8258 is an instrument for measuring the AC magnetic characteristics of soft magnetic materials.
This instrument is ideal for new product development and product inspection carried out by the R&D, QA, and manufacturing departments of materials, core, component, and equipment manufacturers.
The SY-8258 is recommended for customers who have already purchased previous models such as the SY-8232/SY-8217 and plan to purchase a second B-H analyzer.
In addition to conventional B-H/Pc measurement, the new SY-8258 also integrates mi/L/Q measurement functions.


Wide measurement frequency bandwidth of 50 Hz to 1 MHz to meet new product development and product inspection requirements.

Easy measurement due to built-in measurement conditions based on IEC and JIS standards (conditions can also be manually set).

Wider range of magnetic field detection and magnetic flux density detection sensitivities. Range extends from measuring the initial permeability of an alternating current to measuring large-scale samples.

mi/L/Q measurement function

Built-in LAN interface optionally available for reading out measurement results via a network.

640 x 240 color LCD enables high-resolution display of major parameters.

Small and lightweight (2/3 volume of conventional Iwatsu B-H analyzers)


Pc measurement display example

Pc measurement display example


Condition setting example

Condition setting example


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