JTS-5000 DTV Test System

Front-panel of JTS-5000 DTV Test System


JTS-5000 is the best solution for MPEG-2/ATSC/DVB transport stream generating and recording. Also it is possible to set up modulators (DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-C or VSB) and up-converter to JTS-5000. And you can test MPEG system directly in anytime and anywhere with JTS-5000. JTS-5000 is suitable for production line of MPEG digital products as DTV, CATV, Satellite, Set-top box and maintenance.


  • ASI IN/OUT (SPI IN option)
  • Simultaneous playback & recording
  • Automatic Bit-rate & Playtime calculation
  • User-defined output Bit-rate setting (Burst/Static mode)
  • Inserting Null Packets (static mode)
  • MPEG decoder function
  • Raw/188/204 bytes packet play
  • Sequential play and seamless repeated play back (Loop mode)
  • Demodulate capture card (option)
  • Possible to set up modulators (DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-C, VSB) and up-converter.



DVB/ASI-C Connector75ΩBNC
Data rate~124Mbps (Input/Output)
Packet SizeRaw/188/204
Error Free Cable Length300m

OFDM Modulator (Option)

  • 4 ASI Inputs
  • DVB-T & DVB-H Supported
  • 5,6,7,8MHz Channel Supported
  • MFN, SFN Network Operation

Up Converter (Option)

Frequency Range50MHz ~ 850MHz
Output Level-3dBm Max. (Variable to -34dBm)


DVB/SPI Connector25-pin sub
D-Data rate~108Mbps
Packet SizeRaw/188/204

QPSK Modulator

Input1~45Mbps, DVB-ASI/SMPTE-310M selectable
Output950MHz~1GHz L-Band

QAM Modulator

Input1~45Mbps, DVB-ASI/SMPTE-310M selectable
QAM size16, 32,64, 128, 256
FECAnnex A

Pack Frame

ProcessorPentium 4 3GHz
Display7 inch TFT LCD Display