Accessories & Adaptors

Power meter adaptor

The Power Meter Adaptor is an isolation and attenuation accessory designed for use with PSM1700 and PSM1735 Phase Sensitive Multimeters. Using toroidal transformers and calibrated burden resistors, the Power Meter Adaptor provides isolation and fixed scaling factors that enable the PSM units to make input power measurements on electronic products that connect to a single phase low voltage AC supply.

HV scope probes

As supplied with PSM Series Instruments, this high voltage oscilloscope probe is rated for use at up to 300V cat II according to BS-EN61010. It has a -3dB bandwidth of DC - 35MHz.


Injection Transformer

4mm test lead set

For use when oscilloscope probes are not convenient, this test lead set includes a safety adaptor that converts the BNC input on the PSM Series Instruments to standard red and black 4mm safety sockets. As well as the adaptor each set contains one pair of test leads, crocodile clips and test probes.

75/600Ω adaptor (for communications testing)

When testing communications devices it may be important to match the impedance of the instrument generator to that of the device under test. The 75R/600R adaptor converts the 50Ω impedance of the PSM Series Instruments or SLM2200 generator to 75Ω (BNC) or 600Ω (4mm sockets).


DC Blocking Adaptor

DC blocking adaptor

Some wound components, such as communications transformers, can be very sensitive to small DC signals. The DC blocking adaptor is a passive device that fits onto the BNC output for the generator to isolate the device under test from any DC present on the generator output.

Injection transformer

When testing stability of control loops it is usual to inject a disturbance in series with the feedback loop. The injection transformer is a wide bandwidth device that fits between the generator of PSM Series Instruments and the circuit under test to isolate the injected signal from the ground of the generator. View details of our injection transformer


PSM1700 Series Power Adaptor

Impedance Analysis Interface

The PSM1700 and PSM1735 can provide LCR measurements in either 'passive mode', where an external shunt is used for current detection or with optional impedance measurement accessories available from N4L. Full details on the Impedance Analysis Interface...

LCR active head

The LCR active head clips onto the front of PSM Series Instruments to interface to discrete components via a 4-wire Kelvin connection. Active devices within the LCR active head buffer the signals to minimise stray effects and to isolate the load of the instrument inputs from the measurement. The LCR active head contains four precision shunts that can be selected via the front panel of the instrument or remotely via the PC. Full details on the LCR active head...

TAF01 & TAF02 Transformer Analyzer Fixture

Impedance Analysis Interface
connected to the PSM1735


Network adaptor

The LAN interface connects to the RS232 port of PSM Series Instruments, or SLM2200, to allow the instrument to communicate over a a 10 base-T or 100 base-T Ethernet network (autosensing). CommVIEW and CommTEST can then access the instrument from anywhere on the network.

HV Probe: Brochure & Technical Specifications PDF, 131Kb

PSM Power Adaptor: Brochure & Technical Specifications PDF, 106Kb

Injection Transformer Range PDF, 33Kb


This product is designed, manufactured & supported in the UK. All measurements are traceable to UKAS, certificates of conformance and calibration are supplied as standard. Our products are CE marked.