PC software for PSM Range

Software for instrument configuration and data analysis

All PSM units can be controlled via standard or optional PC software available from N4L.

CommVIEW and CommTEST provide control of all instrument functions via command line or user entered script files and are ideal for users who are comfortable with script level programming to automate specific test functions. CommTEST has the additional benefit of data manipulation in a 4 level stack structure and Pass Fail testing against programmable limits.

CommGRAPH provides simple control and data presentation of FRA, PAV and LCR modes with data entry via Windows style text entry and pull down combo boxes.

Coming soon!
Details will shortly be provided of our new PSMComm software, enhancing the existing range of PC software options available for our Phase Sensitive Multimeters.

PC Control, data capture & file management software

PSM1700 testing an SMPS with a standard injection transformer


Supplied Standard with PSM or Optional
Operating system compatibility: 98 / 2000 / XP
Executable program: no installation procedure
RS232* and LAN communication
Read and save configurations
Read and save programs
Data saved in CSV format: spreadsheet compatible
Firmware download to PSM
.txt script file instrument control of all functions
Programmable Pass Fail testing on measured results
Text box/pulldown menu control and data entry
FRA, PAV and LCR sweep results presented directly into tables
Tabular data presented in auto scaled sweep graphs
Two cursors with intersect data summary
Automatic 'find gain phase margin' function
Print to direct or network printer and PDF writer
Copy settings, data or images to other documents
Download sweeps from PSM non-volatile memory

PSM1735+Impedance Analysis Interface


Brochure & Technical Specifications

PDF, 166Kb

This product is designed, manufactured & supported in the UK. All measurements are traceable to UKAS, certificates of conformance and calibration are supplied as standard. Our products are CE marked.