PSM1735: 多功能相位增益分析仪

NumetriQ: 10μHz - 35MHz Phase Sensitive Multimeter

PSM1735 NumetriQ is the latest addition to the N4L range of phase sensitive multimeters, providing engineers with an exceptionally versatile measurement instrument.

Utilising an innovative design that incorporates both direct digital analysis and heterodyning techniques, the PSM1735 provides a broad range of measurement functions over a wider frequency range than any other instrument available today.

As with other N4L products, PSM1735 NumetriQ utilises the latest DSP and FPGA technology to optimise the use of its analogue hardware providing speed and measurement flexibility without compromise on the performance of each measurement function.

PSM1735 Phase Sensitive Multimeter

Versatility without compromise

在世界上各种不同应用领域的工程设计人员对于的测量设备的要求,不外于更快的测量速度、更大的扩充弹性、和更高的测 量精度。N4L 公司推出的新一代多功能测量仪,功能非常全面,应用非常弹性,同时在各种量测功能上也都具备很高的精度

PSM1735+Impedance Analysis Interface
and Kelvin Fixture


一、主要功能 增益和相位的分析 绕 零件的测试 插入式回转损失,全部谐波失真比率 复合式阻抗及L.C.R分析 宽频的电力分析 快速双频道宽频电压表(示波器)2MHz 可选择式的位准表 可量相位角度 电压和电流的波形显示

二、显示部分 振幅、相位、扫描响应或量测数据的列出 可将大型结果、显示幕放大

三、特性 可隔离及浮接输入直流2MHz(频率)有示波器的功能 可自动将杂讯和谐波排除掉 可做为信号发生器 正弦波10mHz~1MHz 方波、三角波、锯齿波 10mHz~1MHz 输出电压±10mV to ±10V 量测均可加上警铃的功能 具有RS-232介面可连接至PC 具有PRINTER PORT列印介面,可直接列印:HP、EPSON、CANON

四、应用范围 可做为闭路回路回授系统的测试 绕 式零件及变压器的测试 可测试ISDN、ADSL、HDSL等变压器 可做复合式的阻抗良测 可做为电力及信号失真的分析 可做为电力线负载信号的量测 可做为化学阻抗的规划分析 可做为非线性系统的特性分析.

A range of accessories are available

Features Downloads
- 电源供应器增益裕量与相位裕量分析 - 滤波器设计与特性量测
- 扬声器与放大器特性测试 - 机械振动特性分析

Brochure & Technical Specifications

PDF, 784Kb

Introduction to PSM1700 and PSM1735 Datalog Mode PDF, 1.2Mb

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  • PSM1735-USR (without LAN interface)
  • PSM1735-USR-L (with LAN interface)

This product is designed, manufactured & supported in the UK. All measurements are traceable to UKAS, certificates of conformance and calibration are supplied as standard. Our products are CE marked.